These are priorities within our community, not just for today but for tomorrow’s generation, as well.
— Jeff Jones


I have engaged many educators in great diversity expressing their limits and pitfalls. It's about the process of preparing the next generation for a purposeful advancement. Our public education, by design, has failed to draw out the greatest of an individual. Financial commitments are at the disposal of misappropriations. I have developed a system of not just learning, but training, and creating new revenues without raising taxes. Relieving the government of some of its expenses. 



We have holes and pockets of abandoned buildings from government take-over, poor accountability, global loss through NAFTA & TPPA, weakened unions, distressed municipalities, and imbalanced trading. I have many economic revitalization plans, and an implementation program that will benefit all of our communities -Such as a full spectrum of sustainable urban gardening initiatives.  We need to protect our community from the lies and deceptions of the last forty years.



The epidemic of pollution needs to be stopped. I believe that we can conquer this through changes of habits and through innovations. One man's trash is another man's treasure. There is a way to not only benefit from the scourge of pollution but to change the world for the better. I promise to bring this change to the Michigan 12th Congressional District. I will not allow us to waste this opportunity to improve the world around us. It is my resolve to help Michigan thrive.



Americans need a complete revamping of options for truly affordable healthcare.  The ridiculous cost of prescriptions, the limits of alternative support and the cycle of making patients for life is a travesty. What if  it was as simple as educating our communities about quality foods ? About the sources of disease, and our limited western views of healthcare? Senior and Veteran services, along with a growing opiate crisis need immediate attention. Let's implement our compassion's with our accountability.