Push Paper Like A Pro

Are you a paper pusher? So, what about banks? Or what about money?

The sooner you understand that money is debt, you will realize you cannot stop the national debt clock.

We used to have money that said Silver Certificate, or Gold Certificate. Which meant there was a certain amount of silver on deposit to represent that commodity. Now your money says, “Federal Reserve Note”. You use a note when you borrow! When the United States of America, Inc. filed bankruptcy in 1933, we never came out of receivership. Meaning a trustee was appointed to distribute assets unto all debts were paid. Those debts have never been paid in full. In fact, most banks would rather you take as long as you can to pay them back.
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Remember the Rule of 72? The longer you take to pay them back, the more they make.

The inventory of banking is your debt. If there is debt, banks stay in business. So, they become debt managers. Remember who has the biggest buildings on the block? Banks churn your money. The more people they have coming into a bank of the same name, the more opportunity they must churn their inventory. So, if your neighbor receives a win fall from Uncle Albert of say, $10,000. He goes to the local bank and deposits it for his whopping .75%. Try your rule of 72? 72/.75= 90 …that is 90 years for your money to double!

Now you need $10,000 to buy a car for your child to drive to school. The Bank takes your neighbors money that they pay .75% in interest to and loan you their money and charge 4% for you to borrow it. That is a 6X return! You hand the 10K to the dealer, that just so happens to bank at the same place. They deposit it at 1% because they are a commercial supplier of your banks inventory and they pay them a bit more. The same day your other neighbor comes in to surprise his lovely wife with a new kitchen. It cost $10,000. But because of a few job set backs and bumps in the road, his credit is a bit rusty. Yet, the bank loans him the money at a 12% loan. He hands the money to the carpenter who deposits it back into the same bank, and the neighbor across the street with the noisy teens comes into the bank, and for whatever reason, needs some new toys for disturbing the peace and gets a credit card loan for $10,000 at 24% interest for the newest, “thing-a-ma-jig-techno-psuedo-videolicious simulator.” 

... Anyway, when it is all said and done that win-fall from Uncle Albert has been managed multiple times with multiple times returns. All equated by the Rule of 72! You could have done the same, but no one has taught you how to use the 5th grade math skills on Wall Street...

Wall Street - Where the ones that write the laws and legislation are protected and loaned tax dollars to get them out of bad business deal because they deal with billions and you just want to get out of debt.

The law calls it a PONZI SCHEME when you do it and you get to go to jail. But when they do it, it is called successful banking and receive bonuses on your tax dollar and losses!

We solve our problems, as we expose our obstacles. There are resolves available. Start with voting in representation that understands the obstacles of our communities, not those that think they have to fly to Washington to simply take a shower.


-Jeff Jones