Healthcare Continued

     If you knew you could throw the dice 7 out of 10 times and win, we may find ourselves moving into the casino or maybe buying one. Those are the documented statistical results of 100 plus years of health insurance. Outside of childbirth, many people are never hospitalized between the ages of 25 and 65.  Group insurance is designed to bear the cost of the sick.  Because 25% of the population always uses their health insurance, they make up over 50% of the expenses paid out versus premiums paid in. So, in group insurance, there is no gender distinction in claims. Applications and risk factors will always be categorized with gender distinction, but claims are always recorded through gender distinctions, or risk analysis. But a male will never file a claim for pregnancy. Yet, in group insurance they pay for the coverage.

     Diabetes is an awful unpredictable disease. You could be 25 and require amputation and 88 and control it by diet. Michigan was an accept/ reject state. What that means that in order, to get insurance a company had to accept all your risks or reject all your risks. Most of the United States was an exclusionary coverage set of rules. For instance, the insurance companies could accept you and write in a clause that would not cover claims to a recurring or pre-existing condition.  In many states then they could take people with pre-existing conditions and put riders to offset the potential claims or exclude a claim or purchase something stand alone or inclusive. This is called risk management.

     If you knew the statistical risks, you could save a ton of money. You could create special savings accounts or use credit cards to offset your risks. If you did not want to manage those risk, you could buy policies that reflected your personal concerns, or personal budget. These were some of the flaws of the ACA. Much like HIPPA laws, the ACA was not studied or reviewed by most of Congress. The select few told the party how to vote. It was a legislative omnibus in a gobble-dee-gook package of murky legalese!

Children were being precluded to investigation to determine if organ replacements were to be completed! People were being dropped coverage. Yes, some received coverage that could not get coverage, while twice as many were losing services because of new criteria or carriers. If the healthy payed for the sick, the system was financially stable. If you could not afford coverage, you were penalized by the federal government for not being able to do so! This was criminal and Socialistic, pre-curser Communism! If those that like Communism, try getting into China, North Korea, or Cuba to practice it. For those who do not like American medicine, go to Lebanon and try to walk into a hospital and get treated without first paying for services. 

     You could always move to Venezuela to try to see what socialism and dictatorships do to non-conformers. It may seem complex, but the bottom line should be healthcare, that those who need should have access. Quality is much more important than quantity regarding health care. Affordability or budget will generally decide coverage. Misappropriations is the greatest cause of lack of funding. Seniors, Vets, and the Disabled should never have to pay for good health care. Charities accomplish 10x the out put for 10x less the expense then so-called government benefits. If we could make our government accountable, we could manage the needs of community!