What makes you an American?

For me, it is the power of our Constitution! 

Not as a ruling lord, but as a yardstick, as a marker, an indicator of our direction.
What direction are we headed as a nation, as a people, as a movement?
As I review the last 50+ years of my life, my district, my country, I am concerned. How about you? The twisting of truth, the manipulation of media, and the unchecked government makes us think that the America we were educated on was a false narrative. Lobbying dollars have long purchased our vote and created an indebtedness of our congressional representation that questions who, “WE THE PEOPLE”, have become.

Defining our Constitution and upholding our Constitution is not based on individual interpretations. The Supreme Court was designed for the check and balance of intent. The Supreme Court can not make law or enforce law, only interpret it. Congress makes law. Most of what we call legislation generally weakens our Constitution. Legislators have managed to manipulate their personal role to move Wall Street into the insider information of personal growth and wealth accumulation. They have even created new laws that protect them from being accused of doing so! Misappropriations and craftiness have become the skill of tax funded retirement builders. There is much more to say, but aren’t you stirred enough, to say, ”ENOUGH!”

Let’s start with a new voice for the 12th District and our nation. “WE THE PEOPLE," vote Jeff Jones!


-Jeff Jones