So...What happened?

Did you say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?"

I did. That is one of the reasons why I am running for U.S. House of Representatives.

I reviewed the last 50+ years of my life and started asking questions. I wondered why there was so much violence. I wondered why communities were decaying. I wondered why so many people struggled through education, and even who is finding good paying jobs and who is not.
I remember when we didn’t lock our cars or our front door during the day. I remembered those that would steal your bike, were those with whom you didn’t hang out. I remember that the best way not to get someone pregnant was abstinence.

I had a vision. I had a passion. I had a hope of what I could be. These became my drive. My opportunity to have what I wanted, share what I had, and incentivize others to do the same. If I needed something, I went and worked for it. We had yard sales, lemonade stands, cut grass, and shoveled snow. I was under the influences that the harder I worked, the luckier I got! 

We had 2 options in high school

1.) graduate from school, get a job with the “Big 3”, work hard with overtime, make $100,000, and buy a cottage in Petoskey!

2.) Or, we graduated, went to college, got a job with the “Big3”, worked many hours, making $100,000 year, and buying a cottage in Petoskey!

This was golden and like clockwork!

So, what happened? We could talk about NAFTA, World Trade Organization, The TLC, or, do we talk about greed? Do we talk about abuse of power? Detached from reality politicians? Common Sense?

I would rather restore and build, than complain and crumble. So, let us restore our economy through Economic Revitalization, Educational Renaissance, and Innovation Objectives. If you are ready for a breath of fresh air please follow and engage in resolve for us, our children, and children’s children!