If today was your last day...

If today was your last day, what would you say and to whom would you say it?

I would rather die looking up to where I could be or the direction I was headed, then looking down in regret of what I could have done, or concerned of where I was at.

 The direction we are heading is much more important than the obstacles we have faced to get there. It is the obstacles, that no one may ever see, that creates our own tenacity.

Say with me, “I am TENACITY!"

It is hard to speak in the present being noun. Try, “I am HAPPINESS!" These state your presence; what you bring to the table. Most of speak in description, adjectives, past, or negativities. We describe race, size, appearances, perceptions. When we begin to see what others do not, we grow past our limitations, the shadows, the mundane, and the memories.

This is what I call the real. The real is not necessarily what I see. What I see is the temporal, the circumstance, the moment.

Now what if you could see where you want to be? What if you could see what you can be, or, what you were meant to be? This is not fantasy. This is the reality we create: the hopefulness, the relentless, the helpfulness, the peacefulness. If we put labels on ourselves created by others like: fat, lazy, ugly, weak, broken, empty, we create a path and direction of the average.

A railed road with no escapes is not a journey I want to take, how about you?
Let us reach beyond the limits party, politics, religion, ethnicity, and social status and realize we are #ONECOMMUNITYUNITED, a group of United States - of sovereign individuals - looking to protect our “God-given Unalienable Rights”, as human beings! This is the “WE THE PEOPLE” of these states united for a common cause to defend, to voice concerns, to be innovation and implementation of renaissance.