Did you ever feel owned?

I like to educate consumers on what the Banks, Insurance Companies, and Government do not want you to know.

I will address these individually in other days. However, many organizations do not want equality, they want superiority. Not all, but some. Many want ownership, and not liberty.

Being in ministry for over 30 years, I try to educate people in relationship. Marriage is not about ownership, it is about relationship. Ownership is a sort of bondage. 

What owns us?

Sometimes our debt owns us. Sometimes our fears own us. Sometimes our relationships own us. But Freedom is a beautiful thing! Freedom is not about owning others. Freedom is about allowing for liberty. The 14th Amendment promises Life, Liberty, and Property to all citizens. It promises what is called Due Process”. You cannot take someone’s property without proving it is not theirs to begin with or being involved in some criminal activity.

The Extreme Protection Act proposed by some is a violation of Due Process. We have POA, HIPPA, and Mental Incompetency Laws and Procedures. These are family issues. We have laws in existence to protect individuals, communities, and families. We have estate laws, ownership laws, and a constitution that defines these rights and freedoms. We cannot create legislation that violates our Constitution, nor can we support legislators that suggest we do. Time to rethink what is truly corrupting America when there is congressional representation that is trying to cunningly bypass or ignore or defraud their personal oath to uphold the constitution and to do so without mental reservation!

That means you cannot pick and choose the amendments you support and oppose. It requires a Constitutional Convention of the States to alter our Constitution, not a new feather of progressive collect, all to move personal agendas forward with their “particular” gangsters.