Can You Feel it?

Well can you? That sense of divide with which our nation is being directed? 

I have found that we are much more alike than not. When we reduce our concerns to ethical resolve we find agreement rather than revolt. There have always been bullies, power hungered, and the controlling. I was taught that love is what I give, not what I get. This makes love in my control, my ability to love at the capacity at which I can give. Sometimes that is not enough? But, at least it is genuine.

There is a book written, “ALL YOU CAN DO IS ALL YOU CAN DO, BUT ALL YOU CAN DO IS ENOUGH”. Long title, but a great simple, truth. Are you doing all you can do? There is a feeling of satisfaction, knowing you have done all you could do.

Someone once said,” You cannot fight City Hall”, but have you tried? One of the great commonalities about being an American is our opportunity to express and change that with which we do not agree, petitioning our grievances in peaceful protest - a Constitutional stand of which I agree. It is commonly misplaced with hatred, disrespect, and rage. But is our opportunity to discuss our differences rather than get divided over opinions.

Do not allow the misinformation and half-speculations that form our opinions and perspectives to divide us.

If there was a plane that crashed where you are, we would not traverse the carnage in exploration of like kinds. We would not ask about your political stance, your sexual preferences, or your variances of opinions or denominational convictions. We would move in necessity to express our commonality as human beings in need. Now that is genuine love: providing vital needs to other people without personal gain as our motive. This is loving our neighbor as ourselves. Can you imagine living within this truth when there were no tragedies, no riots, no terrorist, and no tyranny?

Jimi Hendrix said it well, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will then know peace”.

Consider supporting this change. It is necessary.