Two-state solution

What is the long march to peace in Israel?

What would be wrong with a two-state resolution? Could Gaza become its own Palestinian State? Could it be expanded by Egypt into the Sinai Peninsula? Could they have their own capital and heritage?

I believe there would have to be much underground monitoring, traffic redirection, and a small investment of regional involvement by those that claim their name is, “peace”. No different than other countries border concerns or military actions. There can be peace in this region, and each neighboring faction. Supremacy is never peaceful. Peace comes from within when our hearts settle on resolve.

Jerusalem being recognized as the capital should not be disturbing. It is not the capital of any other recognized country. This is not a new idea nor a new plan or new deal for America to move its embassy to the capital of a country. This, a two-state resolution, would allow for both cultures to develop and diplomacy to evolve.

Physical conflict can no longer bring peace in this day and age. It has to be achieved through diplomacy and compromise which is can be accomplished. Just because the history of the area of the world has been volatile does not mean it has to continue.