My Why.


Why am I Running?

I am running for U.S. Congress because NORMAL IS BROKEN!

It is not normal that a party that claims to be for the common union worker, the minority, and the plight of the poor, would continue to exploit those very people in their platform and voting history. 

This is my community. I have watched it decay for the last 50 years. I have watched the roller coaster of economics, education, health care, veterans affairs, senior concerns, and community action become action less. The cover up of political sway is a cancer. We are Americans!  I do not see Democrats and Republicans when I look at my community. I see Americans. I see dreamers. I see those who expect more. I see and feel those that know they have been slighted, hood-winked, and mocked. Mocked by elections and politicians that say whatever they like to say during campaign, and do the opposite when elected. Or worse, collect a paycheck and do not show up for work! I see monuments to veterans while they lay homeless in the street. I see communities crumble while the youth become disillusioned and confused. I see schools crumble while politicians prosper. Yes, “Normal is Broken”! I see minorities supporting politicians that encourage their genocide. I see the deceit of politics that have robbed youth and enslaved youth, devastated business owners, and drive to tax the majority so the elite can sip champagne in ignorance and detachment from the communities and individuals they represent.

As I see an America that starves for hope and votes for change and gets the same cycle of insanity, it drives me to expose truth that 300 million Americans have to be in the greatest fear of the 600 or so that think they can keep those same people from recognizing the imbalance.

I am running for U.S. Congress because I speak for Community! That #WEBELIEVE there is an America out there that historically has led the World in Opportunity, Hope, and Principle. We were built on legal immigration! The liberty embedded here has rallied the world. The principles of our constitution have been a beacon to all who believe that freedom and order is the basis of peace and growth. America has proven itself. It is not normal that a host of legislatures would side to destroy it, strip it, and shame it. It is we the citizenship that takes the full blow, the cost, the support, and the energy to keep this nation afloat, while the 600 spend foolishly, selfishly, deceitfully, and ignorantly. We Believe that tomorrow can start to be better today by not electing representation, but by participating in the community of our collective voices. We believe our constitution still reads, “WE THE PEOPLE”.  We believe that intents and the beauty and the design of the Constitution is being attacked, ignored, and manipulated by the few that think more laws, more government, and more deception is normal. I am running because, “Normal is Broken”. It is in ethical resolve that we free ourselves from the maniacal, the insanity by definition, and the hopelessness promoted by the Machiavellian. We believe in the community of these United States! Help me accomplish the historical and return “We the people” to we the people!