Educated citizens are productive citizens. I certainly don't think that just because you walk down an aisle and receive a diploma that you are ready to contribute to society. In fact, I know that is not always true because 19 percent of high school graduates cannot even read. 21 percent of the nation cannot read above a fifth grade level ( How is this possible in the 2018? We wonder why we have so many citizens that cannot function in society, yet we are content with these literacy rates that are equivalent to second and third world countries. It is my pledge to hold the government education system accountable. We WILL do better.

Higher Education Must be more effective

I will not stand for the terrible return on investment that is occurring in higher education. Our college graduates are left with thousands of dollars of debt and no experience. This leaves them vulnerable. They are unable to get jobs in their fields to pay off the loans we forced them to get in order attend college. One of my solutions to this problem is to work closely with businesses and trades so that our young people are being invested in just as much as they have invested in their education. Even at the high school level our students should be able to experience the work force in a positive manner but especially so in college. An "educational renaissance" can be achieved if we hold our educators accountable.