"Community Matters" 


30 plus years of serving a diverse and beautiful community.

Who Is That Jones Boy?

Jeff Jones is a Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, Husband, Pastor, and Idea Man who was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. From a young age he has always had a passion for seeking the truth and finding solutions. He has been ministering for 30+ years to broken communities. It is now time to minister and problem solve a broken government. With an extensive and successful background in management and financial planning he seeks to serve his community through accountability and transparency.

Jeff has served on many committees and worked with hundreds of people to lift them above their obstacles. His passion is unmatched. When he wants something done, he happily does it himself with 100 percent effort. He ran as a Republican in 2016 and received 100,000 votes - the most any Republican has ever received in his district.